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Save My Blushes is pleased to be an authorised seller of the entire Bathmate® range of official products including the worlds best selling penis enlargement device.

Not only does Bathmate® enlarge your penis, but it also helps keep it in tip-top shape, combat the onset of erect!le dysfunction and, gives you the self confidence boost you and your partner always wanted!

We all know the benefits of regularly working our bodies out - we get bigger and healthier! Well the Bathmate® works in a pretty similar fashion - it's just a lot more fun!

The reason for the Bathmates® success, It REALLY works. You gain a longer, thicker pen!s in a matter of weeks, thanks to the innovative patented design of the Bathmate® Pen!s Pump.

Over 200,000 of these have been sold in over 60 countries worldwide. In fact at Save My Blushes we have been selling thousands on our eBay shop since 2012.

For more info and the “science-y” bit watch the film below.

Remember what Bathmate® does!

  • Increase overall penis health.
  • Increase your penis length.
  • Increase your penis thickness.
  • Gain volume quickly.
  • Boost your self confidence.
  • Enlarge your penis head.
  • And finally...helps you last longer in bed!.

Remember, nearly all men wish they were that little bit bigger. And you will be in just a matter of weeks! It's simple once you've used a Bathmate® you'll wonder why you didn't get one years ago!
Read this testimonial from one very happy customer...

“Thank you for your advice, was not sure to buy a Bathmate Hercules or the New Bathmate X40 Xtreme. With your advice the X40 Xtreme was the perfect choice and excellent value for money.

Very discreet shipping and arrived next day, if anyone is thinking of buying a Bathmate pump I would highly recommend the X40 Xtreme, worth every penny is what my wife said!”

With Prices from £69.99 (
can you afford not to?

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